West Pokot Health CEC decries lack of Malaria drugs in the County

West Pokot Health CEC Geoffrey Lipale
West Pokot Health CEC Geoffrey Lipale

West Pokot County Health CEC Geoffrey Lipale has raised concerns over the lack of Malaria drugs in the County citing that Malaria prevalence is high and the increase of Malaria cases is worrying. Lipale said Malaria transmission rate is at an alarming stage in the County and urged the government to supply malaria rapid test kits and drugs to the County.

Speaking at his office, the CEC said many people are affected with Malaria within the County as they are forced to seek treatment at private health facilities since public health facilities do not have the drugs. “We requested for drugs from the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority but they said they can’t supply at the moment until October,” he said.

He added that some patients have been forced to cross to Uganda to get medication and as a County they are not supposed to procure drugs from any other firm after the members of parliament passed a law in parliament which allows only KEMSA to supply drugs to Counties.

He said that the ongoing rainy season has resulted to rampant breeding of mosquitoes which has contributed to high cases of malaria. “KEMSA supplied only a third of the anti malaria drugs and the rapid test kits were not even supplied. The monopoly of sourcing drugs from one entity has affected most Counties. They should review the law and allow us get drugs from others in case of an emergency,” he said. He added that no deaths have been reported so far as people cross to Karita, Kanyerus and Amudat dispensaries in Uganda to get medication.