West Pokot KNUT calls on teachers to take the Covid 19 jab ahead of schools reopening.


The Kenya National Union of Teachers [KNUT] has called on teachers in the North Rift Region to take the Covid 19 jab ahead of the reopening of schools next week.

Knut National Executive member representing Rift Valley Mr. Martin Sembelo urged teachers in the region to embrace the vaccination and turn out in large numbers for the jab to ensure education can continue safely and schools remain open.

Addressing media on Monday in Kapenguria, Sembelo who is also the West Pokot Knut Executive Secretary noted that teachers should not fear getting the vaccine because the jab was safe.

He noted   some teachers especially those pregnant and with pre-existing health conditions who are worried about getting infected at work.

“We should not fear because our work is critical .We are going to meet with learners from different areas. Personally I have taken the first dose while waiting for the second one,” he said.

Sembelo pointed out that with the vaccination, teachers will be able to attend to learners more confidently.

He noted that classrooms in many schools are overcrowded and the only way to stop the spread of the virus is for learners and teachers to get vaccinated.

“Schools have less classrooms and it is difficult to keep children separated in classrooms. Teachers and learners should wear masks all the time, eating school lunch in silence and keeping everything sanitary,” Sembelo said.

Sembelo cited that following the surge in Covid 19 community transmissions many people have contracted the disease and anyone can be infected.

“Many schools have learners and teachers from different areas across the country and they will  come and mix with others,” he said.

He called Schools to provide a continuous learning with infection prevention measures firmly in place.