West Pokot leaders fault colleagues spreading divisive politics

Kacheliba MP Mark Lomunokol
Kacheliba MP Mark Lomunokol

A section of West Pokot leaders have united to condemn the divisive politics being played out in the County saying it’s derailing development activities.

The leaders led by area Governor John Lonyangapuo and Members of Parliament  David Pkosing, Peter Lochakapong and Mark Lomunokol told off some County leaders that are out to incite locals against the County leadership.

Speaking during the commemoration of his three years in office at Lomut, Lonyangapuo cited that it was wrong for politicians to start   politicking now instead of engaging in development.

“We must not have opposition in every place but those who are now making noise have no development agenda nor record. They should engage in development and support us,” he said.

Pkosing raised concern over the wrangles at the West Pokot County assembly. “There is noise in the County Assembly. Lonyangapuo should be given space to work on his promises,” he said.

Lomunokol faulted KANU members in the County for cheating and misleading the top party leadership.

“I want to tell Gideon Moi and Nick Salat, your supporters are lying to you that Lonyangapuo will fail. I’m not in KANU but I will help you to understand situation on the ground,” he said, “Those cheating them want to kill KANU in West Pokot.”

Lomunokol added that County boss is strong and is cherished by residents. “The Senator is lying that Lonyangapuo isn’t able yet he was carried by the Governor in 2017.”