West Pokot leaders want BBI proponents to halt BBI campaigns and wait for Court of Appeal ruling.


Leaders from West Pokot County have called on the Building Bridges Initiative [BBI] proponents to give Kenyans a break by halting its campaigns across the Country till the court of appeal makes a ruling on the document.

This comes after the high court on 14th May 2021 ruled that the BBI report was unconstitutional.

The Court of Appeal will deliver its judgment on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) appeal case on August 20, 2021.

The leaders castigated President Uhuru Kenyatta and his handshake partner Raila Odinga for going on with the campaigns despite the ruling by the Court of Appeal to stop the process.

Former Kapenguria member of parliament  Rev Julius Murgor  and Sigor member of Parliament  Mr Peter Lochakapong  who spoke during a meeting at Chepkechir  told off the Orange Democratic Movement [ODM ] leader Raila Odinga   over  lying  to Kenyan’s that the Prime ministers seat proposed in the BBI document was  not a burden to Kenyans.

“Despite the ruling, those pushing for constitutional changes have been going on with the BBI campaigns and popularizing it,”said Rev Murgor.

They said that the BBI was expensive to the taxpayer   as it will create many other leadership positions.

“The Prime minister’s seat is one of the big seats in the country. It will be a big burden to the taxpayer and we shall suffer,”said Rev Murgor .

Rev Murgor who has declared to vie for the West  Pokot senate seat on the United Democratic Alliance[UDA]   in the coming general elections cited that  BBI  will  create and increase   positions  in the  executive.

“The prime minister will have his deputies and other staff who will need a lot of allowances,”he said.

The former Assistant Minister in the ministry of environment and mineral resources said that it was wrong for the two leaders to force BBI to Kenyans.

“They were using chiefs to pass the document. It was not the choice of members of the County Assembly to pass the document in the County assembly but they were manipulated,” he said.

Mr Lochakapong said that there was a plot to postpone the coming 2022 general elections and   later   pass BBI.

“The constitution states clearly that elections should be conducted every five years. The date for elections cannot be extended. If your time is over, retire and go home,”he said.

He argued that adopting the reforms would burden a country already struggling with debt as they would push up the parliament’s sky-high wage bill while creating more opportunities for patronage and corruption.