West Pokot to improve livestock breeds through modern farming methods

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo during a vaccination exercise
West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo during a vaccination exercise

West Pokot County government has embarked on improving livestock stock breeds from indigenous to exotic breeds and agribusiness through modern farming methods to increase yields.

The County government is set to purchase 100 gala goats and 20 bulls per ward to enable farmers to cross breed and change their breeds and help improve food security, also improve the quality of stock reared in the region.

Speaking at Tukumo trading center on Wednesday, when he officially opened the market, the area Governor John Lonyangapuo said that they want to change animal breeds in the County to enable the farmers to access both local and international markets.

He said local breed can’t generate much money in the markets, and that’s why they’ve decided to change the breeds in the County. “We want to cross breed our livestock so that in the coming year we shall have modern breeds that can generate sufficient money in the markets,” he said.

The West Pokot Governor said they want to fully utilize the meat processing plant that has been set up in the region. “The European Union has promised to give us over Kshs 115 million to help complete Nasukuta slaughterhouse,” he said. He revealed that he wants the County to supply beef to other parts of the country. “The demand of the slaughterhouse will be high and they want to ensure it’s fully operational by having a constant supply of animals,” he said.

The Governor said the County government has decided to open new markets in the region to boost trade. He urged farmers in the County to venture into business through modern farming methods to boost food production and create job opportunities in the sector. “It’s high time we practised new farming methods to create income and increase food security in our County,” he said.

He urged farmers to shift from traditional forms of farming and embrace technology, especially in dairy farming and agribusiness. He said the venture would be more profitable if locals shifted from subsistence farming to agribusiness in both crop and animal husbandry.

Furthermore, he said the County government is undertaking a spirited campaign through capacity building, sensitization to farmers to gain modern skills and know how to breed local livestock.