West Pokot MCAs call for increased security

Nominated MCA Elijah Kaseuseu
Nominated MCA Elijah Kaseuseu

West Pokot MCAs have presented a motion in West Pokot County assembly requesting for personal security, arguing that they are living in fear. This comes days after the abduction of Silale MCA Nelson Lotela in Baringo County. The motion was filed by nominated MCA Elijah Kaseuseu.

Speaking during a press briefing outside the County assembly building, they condemned the evident abductions and killings of ward representatives witnessed within the past year till now and urged the government to carry out forensic investigations. They accused the security officers in the region of sleeping on their jobs.

“We have presented the motion in the County Assembly to be taken to security agents and the national government. We are puzzled about the recent events,” said Kaseuseu.

Nominated MCA Josephine Cheprum said every detail should be investigated to unravel the perpetrators of the crimes. She said the women leaders are fearing for their lives, “We fear for our lives as women because of the insecurity,” she said, “If men can be abducted what about women?”

West Pokot County assembly speaker Ms Catherine Mukenyang confirmed she had received the motion.