West Pokot MPs urged to set up modern boarding schools

West Pokot County Commissioner Apollo Okello
West Pokot County Commissioner Apollo Okello

West Pokot County Commissioner Apollo Okello has asked members of
parliament in the four constituencies from the region to set up modern
boarding schools in the constituencies to help retain children in

Speaking in Kapenguria, Apollo said many children from the County are
out of school and this has led to an increase in outdated cultural
practices that have hampered development.

He said many children from the County cannot attend school fully
because of various factors and asked MPs to invest in modern boarding

“If we have at least one boarding facility in all constituencies we
shall be able to retain our children in school and these few cases of
insecurity we are experiencing will end,” he said.

He said children who are in school cannot fully concentrate on their
education due to factors like drought.

“When parents migrate in search of pastures and water during drought
children are forced to abandon school and join their parents,” he

He also stressed the need of the county government to set up modern
boarding schools along the county borders.

He said education is the only future of the nation and the county and
asked all stakeholders to join efforts in ensuring that the county has
enough schools.

“We need to invest in boarding schools in remote areas and along our
borders to help enhance peacefully coexistence with our neighbours.
Education will help address insecurity since our children will stop
carrying guns and engage in meaningful activities,” he said.

The call has come when, West pokot county is currently setting up
peace boarder schools along the major borders where cases of
insecurity have been rampant for a very long time.

Construction of Kanyerus, Katikomor and Akulo peace border schools is
on going  and the main aim of the schools is to unite children from
the worrying communities.

Residents have supported the call for more boarding facilities saying
that many children in the county have thirsty for education.

“The few schools we have are overcrowded and some children are forced
to learn under trees,” said Thomas Kapur apparent from Katikomor.