West Pokot leaders fault government over new curriculum hiccups

Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong
Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong

Leaders in West Pokot County have faulted the government over the hiccups in the implementation of the new curriculum. The leaders who spoke during a meeting with headteachers at Nasokol Primary School said that the new curriculum is in disarray due to the lack of learning materials, shortage of teachers and shallow training. The piloting of the 2-6-3-3-3 model started nationwide in January, the intention being to phase out the 8-4-4 system in 10 years. The new system places emphasis on the formative years of learning and is skills-based.

Sigor Member of Parliament Peter Lochakapong, Kapenguria Member of Parliament Samuel Moroto and West Pokot KNUT Secretary Martin Sembelo noted that some schools are yet to receive teaching materials while lack of sufficient training has left most teachers confused, hence, a number have reverted to the old syllabus. Lochakapong said that some school heads in the County have complained about not receiving the teaching materials.

The MP, who is also a member of the Education Committee in parliament, said that books haven’t reached the schools on time due to the poor infrastructure. “They should speed up the disbursement of learning materials to schools,” said Lochakapong, “Transporters must ensure the learning material reach the schools.” Kapenguria MP Moroto sais the new curriculum hasn’t worked out well so far.