Parents in West Pokot faulted for not allowing children to undergo corrective surgery

Governor John Lonyangapuo while sending off children for corrective surgery in Kijabe

Parents in West Pokot County have been faulted for not allowing disabled persons to undergo corrective surgery.

The free corrective surgery is being undertaken  by the Cure International Organization at Kijabe hospital.

Many disabled people in the County are not allowed to be seen in public due to traditional cultural beliefs.

Speaking at Kapenguria Bible Center while giving out wheelchairs to disabled persons, AIC Cure International Medical Director Dr. Joseph Theuri said that that the organization was training religious leaders who will in turn sensitize residents in remote areas of the County to expose people living with disability to get help.

He said that the organization has donated wheelchairs to disabled people. “We are happy with the partnership with the County government,” he said.

Theuri observed that majority of the locals still stigmatize those disabled and that has led to low numbers of people turning out to register their relatives with the authorities.

“Right now it is hard to identify people living with disability,” said Theuri.

County Disability Director Dorcas Ngimor said the main challenge is that there are many people in remote areas who need corrective surgery but they are not allowed.

She said many fear the outcome of the surgery adding that many have undergone the process and come out successfully.