West Pokot residents benefit from free joint Medical Camp

Residents being attended to during the camp

Residents in West Pokot County have benefited from a free joint medical camp on physical disabilities courtesy of the AIC Cure International and the County Government for them to live a normal life.

The exercise entails screening of children with physical disabilities targeting children with bone-related conditions, burns and other challenges for corrective surgeries. 

The three days event which   took   place at Konyao,  Sigor and Kapenguria. The exercise also guides on assistive devices to be given out depending on individual assessment reports. 

Speaking yesterday at Kapenguria County referral hospital    during the exercise, area Governor John  Lonyangapuo said  doctors from Kijabe Cure International hospital and from the county  government  have done successful surgeries.

He said that both elders and children who are physically challenged are being targeted .

“Children who are disabled get better easily after the surgery. We thank health workers in the County for the spirit of team work .We normally get 20 experts every year. We have also received experts on blood donation and cleaning blood,” he said.

The County  boss  called on parents in the area to bring the affected children and utilize the free chance citing that many who need help are still at home.

“They should not keep them at home. We want them to stay a normal life and go to school. We want doctors to identify disabled children at birth because it is easy to help them when they are still young,” she said.

 Governor Lonyangapuo  said  the County has many children  below the age of five years who have  disabilities. “We commend Cure International for the work they are doing ,”he posed.

The County boss called in donors  to cheap in and help the disabled adding that they have put in place measures to help the disabled.

 “We are targeting far to reach areas like Sook , Endough, Tapach , Lelan  and Chepareria. Parents should know  that  the  disabled children  receive free education. We have the directorate of those living with disabilities,” he said.

Lonyangapuo urged residents in the County not to hide people living with disabilities because of cultural practices hence report any cases of such children hidden by their families for them to access education in order to get support.
 “We urge residents to expose those who have been hidden for them to get help. Many are taken as a bad omen in the society while others are being ignored,” he said.

Lonyangapuo has commended Cure International for their dedication to transform the lives of children with disabilities through corrective surgery,

“Everyone is entitled to life and integration in society and we shall help empower such children because you do not know what they can do for the society tomorrow,” he said.

He added that   people living with disabilities have rights like everyone else to enjoy equal opportunities enshrined in Kenyan laws and several international conventions.

“We call upon other stakeholders to come on board and help disables in the area ,” he said.

Lonyangapuo also called upon parents to emphasize on  the corrective surgery to help the disabled lives to improve. “The corrective surgery is expensive so many can’t afford it because of poverty,” he said. Many people who are disabled in the County are suffering in silence and they need help.

“We shall push for a budget to consider them in the County Assembly. We should make sure they get in because they have many challenges,” said  Lonyangapuo

AIC Cure International Director of Programs Daniel Kimei cited that they have identified needy disabled children who need urgent surgery.

“This is our third year and will continue to partner with the County government. The County has many children that need corrective surgery. There are many children with physical disabilities with borne, muscle related conditions, and burn contractures. Many lose important milestones because of the condition,” he noted.

Mr.Kimei stated that they are also assessing those in need of devices like wheelchairs and crutches, adding that many  people are disabled because of genetics ,nutrition and trauma.