West Pokot residents up in arms over poor drainage system and lack of sewage

Michael Luke Marianyura, West Pokot resident
Michael Luke Marianyura, West Pokot resident

Residents of Makutano and Kapenguria towns in West  Pokot County are up in arms over the poor drainage system and lack of  sewerage system  in the area.

They said that dirty water from hotels and restaurants in the middle of Makutano   town finds it difficult to flow, putting their lives at risk with serious health hazards in the area.

Residents said dirty water flows downstream up to Tanga Tanga water point and Kotoruk River where residents get water for drinking and domestic use.

This has exposed the residents to the risk of water-borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid and diarrhea.

They pointed out that during heavy downpour, water disrupts residential areas, businesses and nearby schools making them incur big losses.

Led by Mr. Michael Luke Marianyura,the angry residents called on the officers in the public  health department to intervene and make sure the water  properly flows to avert  being affected by water borne diseases.

He noted the poor waste disposal adding that they have notified the concerned officials about wastewater being released into their wells and rivers but there has been no positive response.

Waste disposal
Waste disposal

Mr. Marianyura said that residents have allowed sewage to flow from their homes into the nearby water sources including wells.

Speaking to the press yesterday in Makutano Township, residents called on the County and National governments to intervene in the matter adding that they need a sewerage system in the towns.

“Our lives are in danger and we may have an outbreak of diseases,” said Mr Marianyura.

Mr Marianyura said that the situation also affects more that 1500 learners at Mnagei Mixed Secondary school and Makutano Primary school.

“Our children play here and they are being affected by dirty water .Our livestock drink the same water yet we flourish on the meat from the animals,” said Marianyura.

Mr Marianyura said that the acts to allow sewage to flow without any direction in the area amounts to negligence.

“They have allowed sewage to flow without any direction. It flows near my house’s veranda and it also runs into other people’s gardens of mostly vegetables. We have requested them to rectify the problem but in vain,” he says.

He added that some people have built on sewer lines and caused diversion of sewage into the rivers but no action has been taken against them.

“Those who have built on sewer lines have disabled the sewage system but concerned officials seem very okay with it,” he says.

A resident, Ms Mary Naliaka said that there is need to remove the garbage mixed with water from the area.

She cried calling upon the county government to intervene and give a long lasting solution to the problem which has shown to root in the town since time immemorial.

Ms Naliaka says during this dry season, they only depend on water from the nearby streams for both domestic and commercial use, which is now unhygienic.

West Pokot Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo said that they have put in place measures to set up sewerage systems and improve drainage systems in the area.

He however says that most of the landlords in town don’t have soak pits for water and also have no approved plans for structures.