West Pokot residents urged not to hide children living with disabilities

Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto
Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto

Residents in West Pokot County have been urged not to hide people living with disabilities and report any cases of children with disabilities who’ve been hidden by their families so that they access education and get support.

It has been established that many disabled people in the County are not allowed to seen in public because of cultural traditions and beliefs.

Speaking at St. Francis school of the blind in Kapenguria while giving a bus bought by CDF funds, area member of parliament Mr. Samuel Moroto said  that many children living with disabilities in the area have not accessed education. “We urge residents to expose those who have been hidden for them to get help. Many are taken as a bad omen in the society while others are being ignored. Many have not received education because they are hidden,”said Moroto.

He said that the disabled needs to be identified for them to benefit from bursaries. “They should be taken to school and be allowed to socialize with others,” he said.

Moroto called on the government to set up schools for the disabled in the County adding that the area lacks special schools for the disabled making it hard to access education.

He cited that it was shame for the Ministry of Education to close schools with poor infrastructure.

West Pokot County Executive Member for Education Ms Ruth Kisabit pointed out that there is need to look for disabled children who’ve been hidden by their families.

She said that the County government has put measures in place to help the physically challenged. “We call on others stakeholders to give support in form of infrastructure, sanitary towels, uniforms and food,” she said.

The CEC  said that they are collecting data for school leavers and drop outs to join vocational training. “We want to support those who didn’t manage  to continue with their studies. By December, they would’ve received letters.”