West Pokot schools improved in 2015 KCSE


Schools in West Pokot County celebrated their 2015 KCSE results in style by storming the Governor’s office with students carrying placards and twigs chanting songs of celebrations to show their happiness .

Chairman of secondary school principals in the county, Peter Lochakapong said most of the schools in the county had greatly improved.

Lochakapong who is Kapenguria boys prinicipal said most of the school have shown good results.

Kapenguria boyss was top in the County with a mean score of 10.46. The school had one A plain, A minus 141, 100 B plus, 48 B, 13 B minus and one C Plus.

West Pokot KCSE results

Chewoyey Boys school came second with 10.05 mean score.

Lochakapong said this year they had a target of 10.46 up from 9.95 last year.

“Am happy we have emerged the best in the county after registering a high number of candidates of 300 candidates,” he said.

The principal however called on the government to employ more teachers in the region.

He said despite the good performance most schools lack enough teachers with need for an affirmative action to improve education standards

However Propoi Girls school results for Chemistry were cancelled over exams irregularities.