West Pokot Senator puts Governors on the spot over misuse of funds

West Pokot Senator Samuel Poghisio
West Pokot Senator Samuel Poghisio

West Pokot senator Samuel Poghisio has called out all Governors over the misuse of public funds, urging them to utilize well the money allocated to Counties for development to be realized.

Poghisio said corruption has devolved to Counties and urged Counties to exercise prudent management of public resources, including funds borrowed from the central government and also from external sources so as to ensure successful devolution.

Speaking while inspecting development projects at Sook area, he said it was a necessity that leaders be accountable for Kenyans to realize the fruits of devolution. “For leaders at both national and County levels, accountability is being demanded from them as it should be because the reason why many citizens believed in devolution and believe in devolution today is because they want proper accountable use of resources,” Poghisio added.

The Senator cautioned County managers who have been on spot misusing public funds that the national assembly will ensure very leader in accountable to Kenyans.

He called on Governors to adhere to the budget and follow the law as required. “There should not be there any alterations or misuse of supplementary budget. We need good standards of initiated projects like hospitals, roads and schools,” said Poghisio.

The senator said that Governors didn’t use funds well in their first terms but got away with it because auditing was not done to curb corruption.

He further urged Governors to involve all stakeholders in managing County affairs. “Governors should involve all people to ensure development is realized,” he said.