West Pokot leaders urge residents to shun violence

West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo and Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto
West Pokot Senator John Lonyangapuo and Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto

West Pokot leaders have urged Kenyans to shun chaos and divisive politics ahead of the August general elections. The leaders condemned chaos being witnessed in some parts of the country in campaign rallies, saying they may lead to violence.

Speaking during the burial of Mrs. Damaris Litole, the wife of the late Sigor member of parliament Wilson Litole at Kapchilla village, the leaders led by West Pokot Senator Prof. John Lonyangapuo (KANU) and Kapenguria member of parliament Mr. Samuel Moroto (Jubilee) urged the youth to shun being used by politicians to cause wrangles.

The leaders called on West Pokot residents to embrace peace and keep away from politics based on hatred, insults, ill motives and animosity which can cause skirmishes.

The leaders condemned the recent chaos and havoc witnessed in Siaya during the NASA rally.

“What we saw in Siaya was a bad show. We don’t want such cruel acts. We should respect each other as politicians. I have talked to my competitors in Jubilee to conduct peaceful campaigns,” said Lonyangapuo.

Senator Lonyangapuo cited that some politicians and supporters are buying crude weapons in order to attack opponents, “We must protect our country instead of spoiling it. It’s good to welcome and listen to any politician because the choice will be yours on election day,” he said.

He called on politicians to sell policies to voters instead of fighting each other. “This is the time to sell policies because only a few days remain to election day,” said Lonyangapuo.

Lonyangapuo called for tolerance among voters and aspirants in the country citing that the political rivalry among aspirants and their supporters could be a recipe for chaos.

“What we witnessed in Kapenguria two weeks ago when the President visited the County should not be repeated. All Jubilee and KANU members are supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reelection bid,” he said.

He called on religious leaders to pray for the country during this electioneering period. “It is uncouth for supporters to clash just because some have gone to a political rally with attires of a certain party. It is good to stay with anybody despite his or her different political affiliation,” he said.

Mr. Moroto called on residents to shun leaders who incite them against other aspirants. “Despite the fact that we are in different parties, it doesn’t mean that we are enemies,” said Moroto.