West Pokot UDA nominations winners and losers

Returning Officer Ann Wanjiku reading out results
Returning Officer Ann Wanjiku reading out results

A large turnout of voters was registered in the Thursday, 14th United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party primaries in West Pokot County.

There was a showdown in the nominations conducted in Pokot South Sub County some wards in West Pokot Sub County as aspirants battled out with chaos and alleged rigging claims being reported.

Former West Pokot County Assembly Majority leader Simon Kalekem won the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Party  Pokot South Constituency  nomination ticket  with 10,395 votes after beating former Water and Irrigation Principal  James Tekoo with 9999 votes, Joel Arumonyang Loremoi with 5744 and Bryan Ptoton with 1404.

Mr. Kalekem, the former Batei member of County Assembly  will now face off with the current Pokot South MP David Pkosing in the August general elections.

In Mnagei Ward, the main cosmopolitan ward in Kapenguria town the contest was hot with 7 aspirants where Mr. Richard Ruto Todosia  won the UDA nomination ticket with 1504 votes, Esther Chepution got 1318 votes, Elijah Kasheusheu got 951, Benjamin Araule got 303 and Dickson Rutto got 87 votes.

In Kapenguria ward, Richard Mastaluk won the UDA ticket Mastaluk with 1986  followed by Thomas Chemer with  1816.

In Siyoi ward, Ester Serem won with 1391 votes, followed by Samuel Kibet Laima with 765 and Renson Longit with 702 votes.

She said there were issues in some polling centers Torekit station where Mr. Kalekem got 100 and other people got 0.

“In Parua polling station, Kalekem got 408 and Mr. Teko 12  and we discussed and cancelled. They claimed that the polling station had more ballot papers. We deliberated and listened to both parties. If not certified you move to the tribunal seat,” she said.

Pokot South UDA Constituency returning officer Joshua Ruto  Plalan, Ptop, Sonday, Chotei, Plim where voting materials were destroyed.

“We condemn such acts because we believe in democracy,” he said.

In Chepareria ward, Charles Kapelile got 2819, Losilian Kalo Johnston got 1556, Samuel Kasasion got 1842, John Rotich got 1586 and Harrison Kitum got 926.

Voters and aspirants waiting for results
Voters and aspirants waiting for results

In Batei ward, Yusuf Longiro won the UDA ticket.

In Kapenguria and Kacheliba Constituencies seats there were no nominations for the MP seat because the incumbent MPs Samuel Moroto and Mark Lomunokol respectively will have direct ticket after they had consensus.

In Sigor constituency, the incumbent MP Peter Lochakapong will have a direct ticket because there is no competitor hence no nominations in the area.

UDA Returning Officer in West Pokot County Ann Wanjiku   said former West Pokot county Governor Simon Kachapin will be flying UDA gubernatorial flag, Julius Murgor will be vying for Senatorial seat, the current Woman Representative Lillian Tomitom will be defending her seat and Mark Lomunokol, Peter Lochakapong and Samuel Moroto will be defending their Kacheliba, Sigor and Kapenguria seats respectively using UDA party.

She said all the above will be given direct tickets.

In many wards, aspirants were given  direct tickets.

Nominations in four wards in the County have been postponed to a later date.

The wards are Riwo, Endough,Tapach and Lelan.