Western politics dominate Walinywa’s burial ceremony

Leaders at the funeral in Sibanga (file photo)
Leaders at the funeral in Sibanga (file photo)

Luhya unity message dominated the burial ceremony of a veteran journalist cum politician Wabwoba Walinywa Mukhamule in Bunambobi village, Bumula ward, Bumula constituency in Bungoma County.

Addressing mourners, the area MP Mwambu Mabonga urged seasoned politicians from Western Kenya to speak one language if at all they want to lead this country.

“We walked here with Musalia until we were tear gassed, he came up to my home though he retreated , am telling you today and hear this if 2022 Musalia will be on the ballot these people talking about Luhya unity they won’t support him they will be with Raila, am speaking this during broad day light if our own Musalia will be on the ballot I might change my mind but these who are chest thumbing here they won’t support him since we know where they are, 2022 we have  Ruto, Raila, Kalonzo, Musalia, Oparanya and others,” asserted Mwambu

He used the platform to highlight the projects he has undertaken in Bumula ward since he took office four years ago.

“Every aspirant will tell us in 2022 what they have done for these people, this road was impassable when we were campaigning in 2017, KERRA roads were impassable but now look they are passable, the only road that is remaining is this Bumula one that I tried and put there contractor though he was really fought but from there to Kimaeti I won’t be allowed to allocate KERRA money again since we already have a contractor who is tarmacking, there is this road that is not passable, governor you have machines kindly give me I fuel and construct it because of our people, “ he requested

“ I purchased a piece of land here at Bunambobi and build a secondary school now we are building classes in Bunambobi primary, I allocated Ksh. 5 million to KMTC and it is ready we are waiting for the government to come and launch officially, it is not within my mandate to commission for students to start joining, my projects in Wesimikha and Lunao are visible and I will be bringing money for Lunao FYM this week,” added Bumula legislator

Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi accused Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula due to the discrepancy that is going on in the county assembly by sabotaging and dragging the efforts and projects done by Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati.

He, however, wanted Wetangula to stop his sentiments that he is ready to finish the journey began by Masinde Muliro and Kijana Wamalwa as he added that Wetangula doesn’t have any hint how Ford Kenya party started saying that Wetangula has been lying to Bungoma people about his presidential bid.

“When Masinde and Wamalwa fought and gave some of us positions in Ford Kenya where was Wetangula? Why is he cheating people that he wants to finish the journey of the duo? Does he have even a know-how how Ford Kenya began? Bungoma County is going through a lot because of bad politics; Bungoma County Assembly is in turmoil, when the County plans for projects the County Assembly blocks and this is incitement from Wetangula to show people that the County government has failed. We want to work together as Bungoma people for the better for our people,” queried Wamunyinyi

“Wetangula is just taking photos with people who have ever vied for presidency and he comes in Bungoma to cheat people that he will be on a presidential ballot in 2022,” he claimed

The Luhya unity was rubbished off by Bungoma Governor Wangamati who stated that a leader emerges and any leader who can unite Luhyas should be supported in all ways.

“Presidential politics in Kenya is a bit tricky, let us not lie to ourselves that these people will work together, if we want a leader, and I have said this repeatedly, a leader in Western must just emerge, these politics that Musalia will step down for Wetangula or vice versa is impossible.. Ruto emerged, Raila emerged, Uhuru emerged…. William Ruto won against Sally Kosgei, Henry Kosgei and Kalenjins have followed him, nobody stepped down for Uhuru he only won against Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth and they followed him, here in Luhya nation if there is a person who will emerge and move ahead so that Luhyas can follow him we shall do so, otherwise these other sideshows we won’t go anywhere,” said Wangamati

Wangamati too used that moment to highlight how important the scholarship is to Bungoma people and stated how it will bear fruits and promised to put up a 100 bed capacity hospital at Bunambobi to reduce the number of patients visiting Bungoma Refferal hospital.

“Am the second leader to start scholarship program, as we are here when I assumed office in 2017 I sat down and asked myself on what we can do apart from constructing roads and hospitals that can be helpful to our people, then I saw that education can be of great importance, that was when we started the scholarship program; 2018 we had 500 students who benefitted, 2019, 550 students, 2020 we had 600 students this year we took 2000 students, from Bumula constituency we took 400 students here in Bumula ward only we took around 40 students, this scholarship program we pay for your child from form one to form four and when he/ she makes it to university we shall support him / her up to the end.” Explained Wangamati

“Our flagship project that we want to bring here is a 100 bed capacity hospital, when you go to Bungoma Referral hospital you find that many patients come from Bumula so to decongest our Referral hospital we are going to put up a hospital here,” he affirmed