Western upholding farming through technology

farming technology
A dairy goat

Kwisero, Kakamega County; Farmers have been urged to practice modern fish farming as one way of uplifting the economy and make their life easy.

Speaking to West Media Limited Mulwanda Chief Paul Ambaisi said that the World Bank has set ways to help farmers who will practice fish farming by giving out fingerlings and food for the fish on affordable price.

Mr. Ambaisi has urged all the people who stay near water catchment areas to start practicing fish farming that will be beneficial to them as it will help them fight poverty.

farming technology
A dairy goat

“World Bank has set a hatchery in our Mulwanda Location therefore those people who stay near rivers dig ponds so that you can buy fingerlings on a cheaper price  from this hatchery . Let’s not leave this to other people who may come from other places to come and benefit from this project” said Mr. Ambaisi

Lugari  and Likuyani, Kakamega county; The government has assured farmers that they will start receiving maize seeds and fertilizer at a cheaper price in the course of the week.

Speaking to residents at Lumakanda, the officer in charge of agriculture in Kakamega county Mohammed Kulubi  on Thursday said that farmers from Lurambi, Shinyalu, Khwisero and Ikolomani have already started receiving the subsidized fertilizer and maize seeds therefore told farmers from Lugari nad Likuyani to be patient for they will start receiving theirs as from 22nd to 25thFeb this year.

Mr. Kulubi added that the maize seeds will be ready in a few days time as they will begin to receive from 28th this month.

He also assured farmers that they have ploughing tractors from the county that will help prepare their pieces of land in time but on a cheaper price as they prepare for this planting season.

“We shall continue giving farmers subsidized fertilizer up to 14th of March. A person will be will be required to pay Ksh.900 per 25kg bag, maize will be brought as from 28th this month. Mr. Kulubi said.

“The tractors for ploughing are there and they have started  working, I am sorry we delayed to start  because they were being serviced but before next week elapses they will be in this region therefore whoever that will have interest to use to make workload  easy will be required to pay Kshs 2000  per acre” said Kulubi

Namwela ward, Sirisia, Bungoma County, Farmers received milking goats from the national government through the ministry of Special Programmes.

Speaking to West Media Limited after giving out the goats an officer from the ministry of Special Programmes Alice Mulongo said that this project is meant to benefit residents who live below poverty line so that they can get rid of the problem of poverty in that region.

She also added that many residents that have benefited from this project were initially drug addicts therefore forming such groups has helped them do away with drugs and do something that is of importance in their lives.

“We have other people when this project started they never knew the importance they were drug addicts but as they saw that it is a beneficial project they have joined other farmers to continue with development, the main aim for Special Program Ministry is to eradicate poverty among our people” said Miss Mulongo.

The chairman of those groups Remmy Milimo appreciated the ministry of Special programmes for trying to look for ways of curbing poverty and urged other organizations to do the same as one way of fighting poverty in Bungoma county.

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“Today you have been given  goats therefore keep them well so that others can benefit for our project to continue, I thank the Special Programmes Ministry for making such a move  therefore it is my plea to  other organizations to copy the same and assist our groups” said Milimo.

In Trans Nzoia, governor Patrick Simiyu Khaemba has launched new technology machines meant to assist farmers in their farming. These machines are tractors and machines used to dry maize among others.

Speaking to farmers in Kitale Khaemba said that those machines will help in boosting farming practices as they will be enough food products in the county.

“We are launching the equipment that will bring the right technology to our farmers and help them carry out the right husbandry practices. He said.

“We have a chisel plough, rot averter and a heavy duty arrow. He added.

“These when used in areas where there is a minimum tillage the productivity goes up. In doing so we are achieving two things; we are helping farmers to improve their productivity and educating them on the new technology” concluded Khaemba.