Westlands MP Timothy Wanyonyi urges Luhyas who work in the city to register as voters in Nairobi

Tim Wanyonyi, Westlands MP(file photo)
Tim Wanyonyi, Westlands MP (file photo)

Westlands constituency Member of Parliament Timothy Wanyonyi Wetangula has made clear his intentions of contesting for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat.

Speaking on West FM during Suala Nyeti show, the Member of Parliament who is a brother to Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula said will vie for the seat on ODM ticket.

Timothy Wanyonyi has been Westlands Member of Parliament since 2013. He assured his supporters that already measures are in place to ensure that he wins the ODM ticket through the party’s primaries.

Addressing the issue of how he has managed to stick with ODM for so long, Wanyonyi said that democracy and political leadership of ODM party is unique and outstanding as compared to other political parties. He added that during his being in ODM party he has never encountered anything fishy.

“In political Parties, leadership is key and democracy in ODM party has determined my stay in the party, ODM party is also very popular and powerful in the country making it the suitable party to achieve my political ambitions.” Stated Wanyonyi

Wanyonyi challenged those doubting his abilities to govern Nairobi County to check his background and track record in Westlands.

“I think am politically mature, I have been in the city hall and I know what Nairobi needs. The seat is open and democracy will prevail for anyone willing and competent; ODM is popular, we will win.” He affirmed.

Pertaining the issue of Nairobi County being run by cartels Wanyonyi assured that he will provide remedy to the issue.

“The problem is in City Hall, there are people who work hand in hand with those cartels. I will reshuffle the staff, if not then they will lose their jobs.” He asserted

Wanyonyi also urged his fellow Luhya tribesmen who work inNairobi to register as voters at Nairobi. This is due to the fact that most Luhyas work in the city yet they register as voters at their home stations.

“Nairobi is a small country by itself. The other tribes who have tasted the seat do not wish to let go since they know the privileges that come with.” He added

He finally urged the Luhya community to come out in large numbers and register as voters so to support their own leaders in the coming 2022 general elections.

By Rayzone