Weyuya Mumbo FM salaams club secretary laid to rest in his Ndivisi home

Emily Nangekhe, the widow (centre)
Emily Nangekhe, the widow (centre)

Hundreds of Mumbo FM fans turned up in the home of former secretary of Weyuya Mumbo salaams club under NDIMI CBO Alex Wanjala Kapa in Ndivisi village Webuye East constituency to bid him farewell.

Chairperson of NDIMI CBO Ben Kisiang’ani thanked all fans who made it to the funeral ceremony and stood with the family of the late as he eulogized him as a hardworking group official who did exemplary work, he also appreciated West Media for being close to its fans whenever there’s need and urged Ndivisi residents to join them so that they can move together by initiating development projects to better their lives.

“I would like to thank members from all our groups under NDIMI CBO for turning up in large numbers to come and condole with the family of Alex, we are very much grateful about our Mumbo FM radio for being with us here today and for standing with us always, therefore, Ndivisi residents and Webuye East people come let us unite under West Media Company and see that we help each other by ensuring that our children go to school and do other projects that are of great benefit to our lives,” stated Kisiang’ani

The widow, Emily Nangekhe expressed her contentment and revealed how Mumbo FM groups together with West Media Company has been so close to her since she lost her husband as she urged them to continue standing with others who will find themselves in such a situation.

Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Pepela Wanyonyi who was also mourning with Kapa’s family, assured residents in his ward that he will continue initiating projects in the area as he used the platform to reveal some projects he had accomplished and said that he will ensure that the contractor who will be constructing the Misikhu -Naitiri road starts by tarmacking the road from Misikhu.

Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi addressing mourners
Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi addressing mourners

“Did I finish the road from Ndivisi market to Malomonye? Even this Wandabwa road, people from those sides can attest that there is work ongoing therefore I am trying and pushing these projects slowly by slowly and I want to promise you that things will be better, all these projects won’t be here if I was the kind of a person who doesn’t care about you people. Even this Misikhu- Naitiri road the other contractor started tarmacking from Brigadier therefore when the contractor will start working on it again he should start from here at Misikhu towards Naitiri,” affirmed Wanyonyi

Wanyonyi said that he will continue standing firm and fight for his people to see that they get development from the County government of Bungoma.

“You sent me to Bungoma County Assembly to go and represent you and I would like to assure you that I won’t surrender until I see that you have received what you sent me to do, when you go to Chwele we  have Chwele sub location and it has been divided into three villages and when you come here in Ndivisi; Misemwa and Wabukhonyi are put together as a village so when I say that they should be separated too will I be wrong? That is why I am telling you that I will continue fighting for your interests, if I had kept quiet will this Sinoko road that has been impassable for long be where it is now? He queried