Why Lugari Constituency may delay in getting election results

Ballot boxes
Ballot boxes

System failures by the KIEMS kit failing and taking too long to verify a number of voters during General Elections might have contributed to the delays being experienced in most tallying centres where a good number of ballots boxes having delayed to arrive to the tallying centres.

At Lugari constituency tallying centre, Friends Church Lumakanda there were delays in a number of ballot boxes that arrived as late as 10am, despite the voting processing having ended by 5pm as instructed by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.

The tallying centre was flooded on 10th Wednesday morning as security officers and IEBC clerks thronged the centre with ballot boxes, lights booths among other materials used during the election, with the delays being linked to delays brought up by the KIEMS kit during the voting process and some poor road networks in various parts of the constituency.

Perhaps, results from Lugari constituency might be out around 5pm or even 7pm basing at the congestion being experienced at the tallying centre and the long process of verifying the forms 34A before being send to the National Tallying Centre, Bomas of Kenya.

Efforts by West Media to speak to the IEBC officials at the tallying centre has not yet yielded fruits, as they are currently engaged to ensure the results are announced in good time.

By Otindo Aggrey.