Government keen to streamline Agriculture sector

Agriculture CS Willy Bett outlines agriculture plans
Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett has outlined some of the government's plans for development of Agriculture sector in the country

Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture Mr. Willy Bett has assured Kenyans that food security in the country is stable and the government is working hard to ensure that the agriculture sector improves and becomes a hub of employment in the country.

Speaking at state house during Agriculture summit , Bett mentioned some initiatives government has put in place to ensure that farmers improve production of agricultural produce ,”More than 1.4 million farmers can access subsidized cost fertilizer and now the prices have come down from Sh2,500 per bag to Sh1,800 per bag,”said Bett.

On the other hand, Mr. Bett said that his Ministry has also improved the livestock sector by increasing the number of vaccines from 36 million to 60 million, in order to prevent diseases that have been affecting livestock. He also said water based vaccine, which lasts only for 3 months, have been substituted with an oil-based vaccine which lasts for 1 year, to suit nomadic pastoralists who move long distances searching for pasture.

In Aqua agriculture sector, he said the government has allocated 3.6 billion shillings to ensure that water territories are protected from illegal fishing and to encourage farmers to invest in fish farming due to a readily available market, “EU markets are consuming our fish products, let us take advantage and invest in fish production,” said Bett.

Agriculture important in Kenya
Agriculture is seen as an important sector in Kenya

He further said Aqua Agriculture produce has doubled from 23 million metric ton per year to 48 million metric ton per year , he applauded Central Kenya for taking the lead in fish production and urged other regions to increase fish production in order to meet the high demand for fish in the country.

Tea , coffee and sugar industries were not left behind as the Cabinet Secretary said a task force is on its toes to look into matters affecting the industries and come up with amicable recommendation to streamline the sector, “I know tea, coffee and sugar sectors are facing some challenges but the government is determined to ensure that all challenges are addressed,” said Bett.

While speaking at the same event, the Cabinet Secretary for Water and Irrigation Eugene Wamalwa said the government is working hand in hand with his ministry to ensure that they increase the number of acreage in existing irrigation scheme to ensure that rice production is high, “If we increase the acreage of land in our irrigation schemes, we will not export rice in our country,” said Wamalwa.