Mother kills son for allegedly stealing Kshs 25

Police removing the body from the scene
Police removing the body from the scene

A middle aged woman was arrested for battering her son to death after accusing him of stealing Kshs 25 at Lower Kipkaren village, Ng’enyilel location in Uasin Gishu county. Jennifer Mutenyo, 32, beat her 11 year old son to death with a bludgeon.

It is alleged that on Wednesday evening she quarreled with her husband Khayeche Litali after she received a report that the husband, who lives in Nairobi, had married a second wife.

“She argued for a long time with her husband on the phone after she received news that he had married another wife,” said a resident.

Later that evening, a scuffle arose between the woman and her elder son after she realized Kshs 25 was missing. She channeled her anger towards her son but he managed to escape and ran for safety.

However, when the boy-who was a standard one pupil at Lower Kipkaren Primary
school-returned home at about six o’clock in the morning the following day to prepare for school, his mother attacked him, and struck him with a bludgeon on the head several times, killing him on the spot. She then placed the body on the bed and covered it with a blanket
in an attempt to conceal the whole incident.

Neighbors had heard the commotion early in the morning and they became concerned. They forced their way into the house, and when they entered the bedroom, they found the woman seated with hey young children, while the body of eldest son lay on the bed, covered with a heavy blanket.

“I uncovered the blanket and when I touched his body it was so cold. I took him outside only to discover he was dead,” explained Mrs Caroline Barasa.

Angry residents stormed the compound, and she was rescued by ‘Nyumba Kumi’ officials who took her to Kipkaren Administration Police Camp. The body was taken to Turbo Police station and then moved to Chebaiywa mortuary.

The whole incident has been confirmed by Ng’enyilel location chief Mr. Sammy Tororei.