Woman sells a cow paid as dowry for her and spend the cash with other lovers


Even before the dust settle after a woman shocked residents by stealing her husband’s cows from Shangazi village in Marakusi sub location, Lugari sub county to pay her own dowry, another woman has shocked residents by selling a cow which was paid by her husband as dowry and went to spend the cash with her other lovers.

According to Timothy Luseno and his brother Mathew Muyale, their sister Margaret Khamete who is married in Marakusi village returned home in Masheti village in their absence and convinced their 86 year mother before she left with two cows after lying to the granny that one of the cows was on heat and she was taking it to a bull in the neighborhood.

She then sold one of the cows which had been paid by her husband as dowry and returned the other one, tied it on a tree plantation near their home and vanished with cash.

The brothers said apart from her legally married husband the sister was in relationship with two other men who she went to spend the cash with.

“She has two other lovers apart from the husband who paid dowry for her and we wonder how she shared the cash with them,” said the two brothers.

They said the act was against African traditions and have appealed for elder’s intervention to guide them on appropriate action against their sister.