Women urged to be society’s role models

Some morners who turned up for the burial of Mzee Robert Shikuku who died after a road accident.

Women have been urged to be good role models in society and play their roles as mothers as well as go for elective seats to make the gender rule a reality.

Speaking during the burial ceremony of Mzee Robert Shikuku Wekhanya the Nissan driver who was among the 5 people that perished on the Sikata-Bokoli-Kimilili road through a tragic road accident Chesamisi Mama Brenda a business lady in Kanduyi said that women have become lazy in playing their roles and engaging in activities that are worth emulating.

She said it’s a pity seeing most women downplay their roles especially those whose husbands work in the transport industry by leaving them hungry and not caring to do their laundry.

Mama Brenda said Mr. Shikuku was a role model in the transport industry and was a darling to many and as business people, they have lost someone who was very important in the society.

She was however quick to point fingers to some of the pastors in churches who have misled their flock and instead of nourishing them spiritually they engage in sexual activities with the flock thus loosing faith from the faithful.

Mourners giving their last respect

Mama Brenda said it was quite disheartening for a man of God who is supposed to guide others seen walking around with someones wife or husband instead of preaching the truth about the gospel.

At the same time she insisted on the importance of couples being straight forward and open to each other in terms of wealth possession so that there shouldn’t be any rift amongst families when one dies.

She challenged the women to come out of their comfort zones and stop depending on their husbands but indulge in projects that can generate income and at the same time take advantage of the opportunity availed to them on the third gender rule on elective posts.

Hundreds of mourners who arrived in Mzee Shikukus home including his colleagues from the transport industry showered him with praises following his noble character and dedication towards his work

They said they had lost a comrade colleague and friend whose legacy will always be remembered.

They also urged the county government of Bungoma to make sure the Sikata- Bokoli- Kimilili road is well constructed and the potholes done away to avoid more deaths on the road.

A section of mourners at the funeral

Doreen Roberts’s Shikuku, mzee Shikuku’s daughter gave a moving speech about his father praising him for the way he had brought them up spiritually.

She thanked his father for having struggled to make sure they acquired their education and live better lives as he used to tell them that one day he might not be around to provide for them.

Didmas Barasa a political activists from Kimilili asked the residents of Nyumba ya Mulembe (house of Mulembe) to support one of their own, senator Moses Masika Wetangula in his presidential ambitions come 2017 and said if residents will unite they will change the politics of this country.

He however urged the residents of Kimilili to go for good leadership and leaders who will bring an impact in their lives through developmental projects than those who value their stomachs.

Mzee Shikuku died at the age of 56 and has left behind a widow Martha Nafula and five children.