Women urged to vie for political seats

International Women's Day event at Kapsabet showground in Nandi County
International Women's Day event at Kapsabet showground in Nandi County

Women leaders from Nandi led by the Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot and the Maendeleo ya Wanawake chair Mrs Sarah Kosgey among many other women leaders have urged women from across Nandi and the entire nation to come out and vie for top political seats in the next coming general elections. 

Speaking during the International Women’s day celebration, the women leaders cited that women have the capacities to serve in different positions like their male counterparts as the saying goes, “behind a successful man there is a woman”. 

They asked women to come out without any fear and contest for top political seats including the governorship, senatorship and presidential seats as they have the potentials of leading as others follow.

They cited that their place as women is not in the kitchen as perceived by the society saying contrary to that most women are managers, CEO’s and even administrators serving in big positions thus should be accorded equal opportunities like their male counterparts. 

They said they are proud of women in Nandi who have made long strides in their lives as many are serving in political seats including the deputy governor who is a woman, Some of the CECs, COs, MCAs and MPs among other top positions which is a great achievement to women. 

They revealed that as women they normally celebrate their achievements during International Women’s day to mark their hard work and challenges they have been going through in the hands of their husbands thus are proud of themselves for making a change in their lives. 

“We are able as women to tap the government’s funds and empower ourselves economically, and this is a transformational and a milestone milage to us as women.” They affirmed. 

They noted that majority of women in the country are prone to male violence and they don’t have their own financial independence thus if their status is raised well, they’ll stand a real chance of improving every person around them. 

Although majority of experts from across the nation feel that there is need for more to be done to achieve gender parity, the gender bill seeking to address gender parity has flopped several times in parliament thus something should be done to fix this once and for all.