Women urged to use their talents wisely

Margaret Wanyonyi 52 year old mother of Four,making a table mat

Women have been urged to use their talents wisely in their day to day life instead of depending on their husbands as they have the same capability with men.

This is according to one of the women in Nandi, Margaret Wanyonyi who has emerged a bread winner to her family through her talent of making table mats, baskets and flowers.

Speaking to www.westfm.co.ke in her premise, Margaret revealed that majority of women have been blessed with different talents but have not realized themselves thus called upon them to come out and exploit their talents for a living and stop the culture of depending on their husbands.

She said that she likes her work and that through it, she has managed to accomplish the basic needs of her family despite her being a single lady.

Margaret Wanyonyi 52 year old mother of Four,making a table mat

The 52 year old Mother of four, narrates that she started knitting table mats after developing an interest from her saloon customers and copied the same until she became an expert in the designs.

Margaret says she was born in Mt. Elgon but migrated to Nandi in 1983 for business, working as a tailor at the same time as a salonist.

In the year 1993,her business was doing well and she decided to add the work of baskets and flower making so as to generate more income and that is her work to date.

She says the job has helped her a lot as she has managed to stand by herself financially thus asked those with the talents to learn from her.

She can make 2 flowers a day and 5 a week while for table mats she can make 1 a day and a set weekly, moreover 1 basket per day.

She sells a flower at a price of from Ksh 300, a basket from Ksh. 600 depending on its size and a set of table mats at from Ksh. 2500 depending on the design of the makeup.