World Hello Day celebrated world wide

World Hello Day
World Hello Day

World Hello Day is a secular unofficial holiday celebrated on November 21 by 180 countries to illustrate the importance of personal communication for preserving peace. On this day, people are encouraged to participate by simply greeting 10 peopleWinners of the Nobel Peace Prize are among the people who have noted World Hello Day’s value as an instrument for preserving peace and as an occasion that makes it possible for anyone in the world to contribute to the process of creating peace. Other supporters include almost 100 authors, entertainers, and world leaders. Remember to greet someone kindly on this day.

World Hello Day was originally created in 1973 by Arizona State University by Brian McCormack graduate and Harvard graduate Michael McCormack as a direct response to the Arab-Israeli war officially known as the Yom Kippur War.

Gathering all the money they had at the time, these two brothers bought postage and sent out letters to as many world leaders as they could and asked them to support this new holiday.

Within the first 12 months of their campaign, they received the support of over fifteen different countries. In the last 42 years, they have managed to gather the support of an additional one hundred and sixty-five countries.

Today, this day is used by ordinary people – as well as world leaders – from all around the world to settle their differences with communication rather than conflict. The McCormack brothers have also received strong support for their holiday from writers, entertainers and Nobel Laureates from all over the globe.

The only real custom associated with World Hello Day is the practice of saying ‘hello’ to friends, families and strangers. People who want to celebrate this holiday should take the time to say hello to at least 10 people they encounter throughout the day – particularly strangers. People should also take the time to learn how to say hello in a couple of different languages and then put that into practice sometime during the day.

World Hello Day is an opportunity for everyone, all throughout the globe, to make an effort at reaching out to one another, taking steps towards world peace. The primary means to achieving this personal connection is by simply saying, ‘hello!

Therefore, today being 21 November about 180 countries have joined hands to celebrate World’s Hello Day as a way of solving conflicts peacefully. Simply by wishing ten or more people a happy hello, anyone can take part in World Hello Day. This demonstrates how crucial direct communication is to keep the peace. In response to the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia, World Hello Day was established. World Hello Day provides an opportunity for people all over the world to express their concern for world peace. Their actions, which begin with a straightforward greeting on World Hello Day, send a message to leaders, urging them to resolve disputes through dialogue rather than force. World Hello Day received support from 15 nations in its first year.

To celebrate this special day as Kenyans, we should start by wishing ten or more people a happy hello; anyone can take part in World Hello Day. This demonstrates how crucial it is.

By Sarah Nandemu