Yara East Africa to avail fertilizer to farmers to boost yields

Farmers in 22 Counties are set to benefit

Yara East Africa to offer fertilizer support to subsistence farmers to boost yields.

As the government, companies and non governmental organization continues to give aid and donations to help in the fight against Covid-19 and cushion Kenyans, Yara East Africa has offered to give free fertilizer to low income farmers. The fertilizer donation is set to help farmers prepare for the second planting season from August.

According to the managing director in charge of sales at Yara East Africa Vitalis Wafula, the company will give two hundred and sixty bags of fertilizer to low income farmers in eighteen Counties. The fertilizer is approximated to cost Kshs 7.5 billion.

Wafula said each farmer will receive at least three bags of fertilizer after a proper verification of the farmers is done, “Each farmer will be able to till at least one acre of land, a move that will boost yields and the status of food security as the country goes through a difficult time in the fight against Covid-19,” he said.

The Yara sales manager opened up that Yara East Africa will continue working with the County governments and other organizations to ensure farmers who qualify get the aid required.

Wafula urged all farmers across the country to continuing buying a variety of fertilizers from Yara East Africa insisting they should purchase from the authorized dealers, adding that the company has laid down strategies to curb middlemen and illegal dealers from accessing and swindling the farmers by selling uncertified fertilizer.

Moreover, Wafula said the company will continue selling fertilizer to farmers at a cheaper price and he encouraged farmers to ensure they use the right measure to get better yields.