Youths advised to join Technical Institutes.

Senior Deputy County Commissioner Bungoma North Philip Koima
Senior Deputy County Commissioner Bungoma North Philip Koima

If the rate at which unemployment and poverty level has risen over the years due to population growth in Kenya is something to go by, then not only should the government come up with measures that would reduce unemployment rates by creating more job opportunities, but also Kenyans have to be more creative and venture into income generating businesses and other beneficial projects.

Senior Deputy County Commissioner Bungoma North Philip Koima has called upon Kenyans and locals in his area of jurisdiction to join Technical Training Institutes and be able to acquire knowledge and skills that would be of help to them and be creative in coming up with projects and start businesses that would solve unemployment rate among the youths in the country.

His call comes amid the rate at which the population has been growing over the years and unemployment rate among the youths, whom a number have fallen victims of drug abuse and some engaging in crimes in order to put food on the table.

Koima outlined a number of benefits one would derive from joining the Technical Training Institutes and attaining skills that would enable them to be self-employed than looking for white color jobs which are rare to get.

Besides, he called upon politicians across the country to continue embracing and preaching peace ahead of the August poll, and embrace mature politics that would unite Kenyans even after General Elections.

By Otindo Aggrey.