Youths in Bungoma urged to avoid being used by politicians

Martin Wafula addressing youths at Maraka

Youths from Bungoma County and Western region as a whole have been advised to shun tribal politics that may disrupt peace and unity. Economic advisor to Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati, Mr Martin Wafula, said politicians have used the youths many times to gain their political goals.

Wafula urged youths to refuse such notions and ideas, and leaders who intend to use them and later dump them after achieving what they want. Speaking in Maraka, Webuye East during a Covid-19 safety drive, he said Bungoma County under the stewardship of Governor Wangamati has good plans for the youths in the County and then only way their projects can become a reality is if leaders work hand in hand with youth leaders.

He urged young people to avoid leaders who are out to use them, “Our unity is our strength and if we accept to be used and then dumped then we will never achieve what we want,” he said, “So we must set aside time to ask our leaders what they’ve done for us before we give them another opportunity to lead us.” He further appealed to them to venture into the political arena, noting that no seat has been reserved for some in the political class.