Yuya West Media fans make a step

Some of the seats that were purchased

Yuya west media fans today converged to celebrate their efforts of purchasing 100 seats and a tent worth kshs100 Million. In a function that was organized at Yuya area, members were called upon to work together and avoid divisive politics that might tear them apart.

Led by their Transnzoia chair Silas Omanyo, he appealed to them to use their cash well noting that openness and transparency in the group will steer them to great heights. He pointed out that several groups are not performing well now days due to corruption especially from leaders elected to lead some groups setting against each other due to wrongful expenditure of their hard earned cash.

The Yuya group led by its chair described the plans it has of utilizing the seats by hiring it to some groups in need at a fee stating that monies realized will be saved in a group to empower them. He called upon the members to unite and contribute as per their constitution for the group to remain relevant as well as continue helping members in need and avoid opposing some issues meant to empower them as put forward by the management.

Yuya West Fm members

He however explained that corona pandemic adversely affected their members who used to be 100 and have reduced to 70 members which also led to less contributions of membership fees as it adversely affected their economic activities stating that the pandemic affected them so much making some members to opt out of the group and instead decided to sit at their homes as they didn’t have some cash for the contributions.

He however explained the benefits of their coming together has helped them as it has reduced the burden of their children’s education stating that they had in the past organized for Harambees where some children of their members didn’t lack school fees as well as coming together in times when one of them loses a family member by contributing to help such a member.