Dog carcass causes anxiety in Likuyani

The stinky sack (pictured) raised suspicions among Sikulu residents
The stinky sack (pictured) raised suspicions among Sikulu residents

Fear and panic spread among the residents of Sikulu village in Kongoni location, Likuyani Sub County after a tightly sealed and stinky sack was discovered floating on Sikulu dam, with residents suspecting it was either a human corpse or animal carcass.

Speaking to West Media, the unsettled residents said the sack had been floating on the dam water for the past one week and they got concerned after it swelled gradually and started producing a stinking smell that blanketed the area.

They said they were more worried because previously, one of the residents went missing and his body, which had serious injuries, was found dumped in the dam after he was brutally murdered by unknown assailants.

They lamented that despite reporting the issue to local administrators, who included village elders and Kongoni sub location assistant chief Mr. Martin Kwenyi, no step had been taken to establish what was in the sack.

It later took the intervention of area Chief Peter Lugano who led a team of experts to remove the sack from the dam and they unraveled it had a dog carcass. Lugano condemned the incident promising to carry out investigation and take a legal action against the suspect who threw the carcass in the dam.

He regretted that the dam was serving a huge population in his location and the act was unhygienic and dangerous to the residents. He, however, urged them to quickly report anything suspicious regretting that it had taken more than a week for them to report the incident.