Bungoma County Umbrella Organization-Tongaren chapter launched

Some of the fans at the launch
Some of the fans at the launch

The Bungoma County Umbrella Organization–Tongaren Chapter has been launched with calls to leadership of the new umbrella and the larger fans across the board to seek ways of working with each other in order to grow themselves and their resources.

Nandemu Barasa, the head of Radio–West Media said that the current policy of the organization is advance the need to empowered supports through the formation of members clubs. “It is through the clubs that we can mobilize empowerment to clubs by providing resource persons who will bring training to the fans,” he said.

Nandemu said that “Clubs extents West media Company policy towards community where by though the clubs, we can support members to grow their own resources. Clubs provide a platform to grow the community welfare in the grassroots”. 

He urged the Leadership of both the Umbrellas and Clubs to be diligent in their service to people saying that “Leadership is a God given privilege. Work as if you are representing God.  It is not possible for all people to be leaders at the same time. So, support those who are in office now, because they are appointed by God for the season,” he said. 

Some of the fans at the launch
Some of the fans at the launch

Mr. Barasa said that this is the age of democracy, urging leaders to be open and perform their duties with diligent and perform faithfully without knowingly overlapping roles.  He also told leaders to be open to positive criticism because then we can provide solutions to handle genuine complaints.

He urged all fans, drawn from both West FM and Mumbo FM to utilize the radio platform “Because they are your platform, therefore, use them well. Always, when you come together, be creative and grow your own grassroots resources,” he said.

Maurice Wamalwa Wanyonyi the area Chief underscored the close relationship he has had with the West media, especially Mumbo FM saying that good working relationship has been informed by the content driven on air. He commented the Presenters for the good work.

Kitui Okhwa Simiti, the new Umbrella patron said that as Mumbo FM and West Media in general, “we are greatly honored to have so many distinguished guests drawn from this very community, who are greatly looking forward to this launch of the Mumbo FM Umbrella Organization, Tongaren Chapter.

“In order to rise to the many challenges our region is facing, we need to work together. We don’t always have to agree. We need to welcome the many different perspectives all of us bring to the table. But we have to talk to each other to find solutions. That’s why we are bringing together all our fans and thought leaders under the new Chapter”, he said.

Bungoma South Chapter Fred Wafula said that respect is key to the growing of clubs and membership. He urges leaders to form an alliance that will help them to drive membership up. 

Edu Governor, the All in One chair under West FM acknowledged the growing cohesion among the West Media Clubs, asking members to endeavor to work together as leaders driving clubs. 

Mbakalo Ward MCA, Mr. Bethwel Mwambu asked people who were present and away and are not in any group to join clubs under West Media. He called on all members to have unity of purpose so as to grow their membership to west media. “To those of you members who belong to these clubs here, be proud of what we have. Stop fighting each other. Let us work to achieve development together for our community,” he said.

Some of the fans at the launch
Some of the fans at the launch

By Kitui Smith