Boda boda operators demonstrate in Bungoma town over serial killings

Boda boda operators demonstrating in the streets of Bungoma town
Boda boda operators demonstrating in the streets of Bungoma town

Business and transport activities in Bungoma town were paralyzed for a while as hundreds of curious onlookers were drawn by the commotion of the bodaboda operators who stormed offices of Watu Credit, a company that sells and loans motorbikes.

For the past one month five boda boda operators who operate within Bungoma town have been killed, motorbikes stolen and their bodies dumbed, with the recent one being the Monday incident where a young man – a boda boda rider-was killed and his body dumped at Sikata, 3kms from Bungoma town by attackers who took off with his motorbike.

Following that incident, boda boda operators stormed the offices of the company claiming that the company colludes with the killers, they also vowed not to buy motorbikes from the company.

They also called on police officers to work to stop the rise of insecurity in the area.

The operators claimed their lives are in danger and the police should patrol at night to ensure their safety.

“Our colleagues are dying and no action has been taken by the police, we urge the OCS to take action and help us in reducing the rise of insecurity,”said one bodaboda operator.

By Derrick Okisai