Don’t accept to be used by politicians, Saboti MP tells Trans Nzoia youths

Youths allied to Saboti MP Caleb Amisi speaking to the press

Youths from Tuwan and Matisi wards of Saboti constituency in Trans Nzoia have vowed to take action against other youths who are being used by politicians to disrupt meetings. Their remarks came following a commotion on Monday, where Saboti MP Caleb Amisi was attacked by youths and forced to scamper for safety. He ran to the Kitale police station, where he made a formal complaint.

The commotion started when Amisi was inspecting development projects in his constituency, and officially opened a school’s administration block and six classes when the rowdy youths attacked him, and demanded to be given handouts. He declined to do so and they assaulted him. Some of the politicians at the area led by Kapchanga Manyoa blamed Amisi for the problems, claiming he has been handing out cash handouts everytime he visits making it hard to control the uncouth behaviour.

On Tuesday, a section of youths led by Emmanuel Sarabhai condemned the attacks leveled against the MP, saying that the attacks are politically instigated, “We can’t sit down and watch as some politicians use our youths badly by sponsoring them disrupt the meetings of our area MP,” said Emmanuel. On his part the Saboti legislator appealed to youths not to be used in dark plans by politicians and instead urged them to join hands in pushing the development agenda.