Drama at West Pokot County Assembly as speaker Catherine Mukenyang barred from accessing premises.

West Pokot County Assembly speaker Catherine Mukenyang
West Pokot County Assembly speaker Catherine Mukenyang

West Pokot County Assembly speaker Catherine Mukenyang has been locked out of the County Assembly premises after she turned up on Tuesday to preside over the County Assembly proceedings.

The speaker who was impeached on 7th September by members of the County Assembly went to court and the Eldoret High court gave her stay orders pending hearing of her case.

Drama started at the gate of the County Assembly after the speaker arrived in Administration Police vehicle escorted by armed police officers.

Hon Mukenyang armed with a court order alighted from the vehicle expecting to be allowed in the County Assembly chambers was barred by County Assembly sergeant at arms telling her that they don’t recognize the court order.

The speaker pleaded with the assembly security officers to open for her the gate but they declined.

She had to spend 30 minutes outside the gate but no one was listening to her as a section of MCAs who were inside the assembly told her off to keep away from the premises.

Speaking outside the County Assembly Hon Mukenyang said the courts allowed her to continue serving as the assembly speaker and she had not delegated her duties to anyone.

“Am still the speaker officially whatever they are doing is unconstitutional. The assembly is a house of law and the need to follow the court order.” She said.

She noted that she could not use force to get access to the County Assembly and she will still go back to the courts to get advisory because the purported impeachment was nullified.

Selina Longiro nominated MCA said the speaker should be allowed in and preside over the County Assembly since she has a court order.

Benjamin Araule MCA Mnagei ward defended Hon speaker saying the wrangles are a waste of time.

“The wrangles might extend afterwards. The management of the County Assembly should obey the stay orders. If there are other issues they can be resolved, it’s not fair at all,” he said.

The speaker later left the County Assembly boarding a personal vehicle.