Drama as snake disrupts funeral service in Lugari

A snake disrupted a funeral service in Lugari
A snake disrupted a funeral service in Lugari

Drama unfolded at Shilongo village, Marakusi sub location in Lugari sub county when a snake popped up at a funeral causing fear and panic, scattering mourners and the bereaved family in all direction.

Friends and relatives had gathered at the home of the late Agnate Ofuyo to bid her the final goodbye when the uninvited intruder slithered into the crowd of mourners disrupting the funeral service.

The 6 feet black snake emerged and moved towards the pulpit immediately after the preacher had completed the burial sermon causing panic.

The incident sent the mourners scampering for their safety abandoning the reptile on the pulpit which later majestically rolled around the compound as they watched from a safe distance.

It took close to 10 minutes for the snake to vanish allowing a handful of mourners to return and hurriedly laid the deceased to rest.