Drought hits West Pokot as dams dry up

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Pokot North and Pokot Central sub counties are majorly affected by drought that has hit West Pokot County.

Eleven wards  among twenty  have been affected with a population of 400,000 people are faced with water shortage.

Livestock have also migrated to the neighbouring country of  Uganda in search of water and pasture.

Drought situation has led to drying up of water sources like dams, water pans and rivers to dry up and the few that are yet to are depleting as humans and animals scramble.

Joseph Lokapel from Morwongar in Pokot North said that the drought has hit them much and are forced to use the only remaining water source (dam) with livestock.

He added that women are forced to travel for over twenty kilometers to river Suam to fetch clean drinking water.

Area governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo who  toured the area  called on the national government to intervene in the matter as they are overwhelmed as a county. He added that major parts of West Pokot is arid.

Lonyangapuo called on the National Government to increase funds for water in ASAL counties which are the most affected now.

He called on residents in the region to conserve forests and warned those engaged in charcoal burning and wanton destruction of trees.

West Pokot county CEC for Agriculture, Livestock and Pastoral economy  Geofrey Lipale said 85% of the region experienced  total crop failure the last planting season due to failed rains and drought that has resulted in food shortage.

He challenged the National Government on the cash transfer program citing that households in ASAL areas are still affected.