George Natembeya instructs arrest of Muruny-Siyoi Water Project contractor as he puts others on notice


Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Mr. George Natembeya has put on notice contractors undertaking National Government projects for failing to complete them on the stipulated period.

The RC who on Wednesday instructed the Directorate of Criminal investigation[DCI]  to arrest the contractor of the stalled multi-billion shillings  Muruny –Siyoi water project in Kapenguria for the delay of the project. This is after the contractor missed at the site when the commissioner visited hence the site manager and the assistant engineer of the project failed to give information regarding the project.

The agents at the site and few workers were also arrested. The five billion project which was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2015 was supposed to have been completed by 2018 aimed at addressing water shortage in the area, but it has lagged behind. The  project was to supply water to Makutano, Kapenguria, Chepareria and Kacheliba towns among other villages in the county is one of the key projects initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta in the North Rift region.

Speaking at Karas area, Mr. Natembeya who led the National Development Coordination committee while inspecting the projects in the area issued a  sounding warning to lazy and corrupt contractors.

“ About all the money has been paid but we have an absent contractor. We are not happy about the progress of the project. The project has a 198%  time lapse. Next week we shall come back with the employer. We want to see water and not stories. The contractor has been given three extensions but still the projects have stalled,” said Natembeya.

Mr. Natembeya also visited other projects including the one billion shillings  Weiwei integrated development Project phase 3, Makutano –Kacheliba –Konyao road, Kapsait, Kapsangar, Sondany road, Transmission power line from Turkwel -Kapenguria- Kitale project said that the projects have issues.

Concerning the Weiwei integrated Development project that was launched in 2017 by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr Natembeya noted that the project has not kicked off and equipment supposed to be brought from Italy has not come and also capacity building not done yet.

“We need to come back and look at it. We cannot waste government time and resources to come here and find nothing on the ground. The government has spent money and we should see the fruits,” he said.

He noted that the government has used a total of 14 billion shillings to put up projects in West Pokot County.

Mr. Natembeya said that the transmission power line from Turkwel -Kapenguria- Kitale that needs to stabilize line power transmission has issues with substations where the contractor ran bankrupt.

“We are expecting a new contractor at the site for the project to continue,” he said.

He noted that the 55-kilometer Kapsait, Kapsangar, Sondany road was doing well but had serious delays.

“It has reached  69% against the time-lapse of 80%,” he claimed.

Natembeya however said that the Makutano –Kacheliba –Konyao road was going on well and now at 80%.