Government urged to protect donkeys

Send a cow director Titus Sagala
Send a cow director Titus Sagala

As the nation marks World Donkey Day, stakeholders have called upon the government to device measures of ensuring they are well protected being an asset in the society.

Speaking during the commemoration at Simotweet in Mt Elgon constituency, send a cow Director Titus Sagala said donkeys have been of much help especially for residents from the Sabaot community considering the terrain and they have to transport foodstuffs to the market.

He said they have been perturbed by the courts that overturned Cs Peter Munya’s directive to close all donkey slaughter houses saying it has accelerated incidences of donkey theft in the region.

He called upon the Bungoma County government to be part of the initiative of saving the donkeys saying they have played a big role in boosting the economy of the country at large.

His sentiments were echoed by farmers from the region who said for a long period they have dependent on the animal saying having slaughter houses has increased theft and called upon the government to come to their rescue.

They disclosed that they have invested a lot in taking care of the donkeys saying they will not allow the endangered animal to be extinct just by having donkey slaughter houses in the country.


Abdel Salim send a cow officer said in association with the ministry of livestock they have been conducting clinics to ensure the donkeys are in good health saying they have to serve them well.