Pokot leaders popularize UDA party in West Pokot County

Pokot leaders during the meeting of popularizing UDA party
Pokot leaders during the meeting of popularizing UDA party

United Democratic Alliance UDA party has started strengthening its roots in West Pokot county as a section of leaders have now boarded the vehicle ahead of 2022 politics.

The party which has an elected Member of Parliament and a number of Members of County Assembly in West Pokot county gained momentum over  the weekend as a section of leaders  drummed support for their new political party.

Some of the leaders who have declared to have joined the band wagon are members of parliament Mark Lomunkol, Samuel Moroto, Lilian Chepchokai, Peter Lochakapong and former Kapenguria MP Julius Murgor among others

Led by Kacheliba constituency MP Mark Lomunokol said they will kick off consolidating members to join the party so that come 2022 the party will face other parties in different seats.

Lomunokol said they have started massive recruitment of UDA members in West Pokot County and as an elected member of parliament he will be leading the exercise.

“Will do it as fast as we can so that the party can catch up with the pace of the program of the party we are planning to get UDA coordinators from the ward, constituency and county level ahead of 2022 campaigns.” He said.

He added that Kacheliba constituency is stronghold of UDA in the country since it got an MP and three MCAs.

He said the party welcomes everyone to come on board citing that as West Pokot leaders they will rally behind the party.

West Pokot women representative Lilian Chepchokai noted that they believe in hustler’s narrative and are behind the Deputy President Dr.William Ruto.

She said the party cares for the common mwananchi in terms of development and empowering the poor.

“We are publicizing our party country wide, let’s work with leaders who have peoples interest at heart, come 2022 Kenyans will decide.” She said.

Chepchokai hinted that there are plans by a section of leaders from West Pokot County to form a new party which its roots will be from West Pokot County but as UDA pioneers they will welcome the party to work with them.

Sigor constituency MP Peter Lochakapong said he personally supports the Deputy President citing that he will rally behind UDA party.

“We have seen the deputy president being pushed aside from the government and because of that we decided to join UDA as his strong supporter.” He said.

He added that some leaders in West Pokot county who are protecting their jobs have decided to go the parallel direction and are planning to form a new party that will enable them secure seats.

“I support them in that direction but we are still united as Pokot leaders to lead our people to the winning team.” He said.

The leaders were speaking over the weekend in Kiwawa ward Kacheliba constituency West Pokot County after visiting a number of projects done by Community Development Fund CDF.