Poor infrastructure contributed to poor performance in national exams in West Pokot

West Pokot County leaders
West Pokot County leaders

Shortage of teachers and poor infrastructure in most schools in West Pokot county have contributed to poor performance in the last Kenya Certificate of Primary Education KCPE and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education KCSE exams.

A section of West Pokot county leaders have urged the Ministry of Education to deploy more teachers in the region to help improve learners’ performance.

Led by Kacheliba Member of Parliament Mark Lomunokol the leader’s said the Community Development Fund CDF has been allocating funds to improve school infrastructure but there is still much to be done.

Speaking after handing over a 7 million bus to Kiwawa Boys secondary school that was bought by CDF Hon. Lomunokol noted that Kacheliba constituency lagged behind in development because it got independence in 1970.

“Insecurity also affected Pokot North Sub County and thus there was no time to develop, close to 180 schools in my constituency are dilapidated they need to be constructed.” He said.

Lomunokol added that the area usually experiences drought throughout the year hence urged the government to implement affirmative action to help the area catch up with the rest of the country.

“We are changing and people are embracing education, the Pokot community is yearning for development and education I ask stakeholders to come and help improve infrastructure.” He added.

West Pokot County Women Representative Lilian Chepchokai noted that the county is still marginalized and schools are grappling with infrastructure challenges.

She said that some of the cultural practices are outdated and FGM has drastically dropped.

Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong said most of the schools are under staffed which contributes to poor performance.

“There is shortage of teachers in most of the schools; the Teachers Service Commission should balance deployment of teachers in some of the marginalized counties.” He said.

He urged the County Director of Education to give returns of under staffed schools within the county now that peace had resumed across the county and TSC should take action.

He noted that schools need to be built well to accommodate learners.

“They should focus most in boarding schools because parents are pastoralists.” He said.