Raila wooing West Pokot as election nears

Raila in Kitale (photo credit- Raila Odinga twitter)
Raila in Kitale (photo credit- Raila Odinga twitter)

Raila Odinga has promised North Rift residents that he will revive Arror Kimwarer and Muruny Siyoi dam water Projects when he ascends to power after August Elections.

He noted that money that was meant to develop the dams was siphoned by corrupt individuals but people in those regions won’t be left behind in his government.

He said problems bedeviling Kenyans can only be solved through fighting corruption and he is the best leader to liberate the country.

He said alot of funds are swindled by individuals every day whereby the country losses 2 billion Kshs every day.

“Fighting corruption can save the country more than 700 billion every year which can help develop the country.” He said.

He dismissed those peddling propaganda that he is old citing that he is capable of leading this country.

Speaking at Chepareria Raila said the 2022 elections will be so different and can be compared to 1963 and 2002 elections.

“Economic liberation of Kenya is what we focusing on, we want to fight corruption, illiteracy, poverty and under development.” He said

He pointed out insecurity as a challenge which has hampered development in the region.

“West Pokot will get a railway line to transport cement a main road from West Pokot to Juba will also be constructed.” He said

He promised to complete the 9 billion Muruny dam despite the money meant for the project was siphoned.

“Arror and Kimwarer money was stolen but we will complete the projects.” He said

He promised to employ all teachers that are qualified dismissing Ruto’s agenda of giving graduates wheelbarrows.

“Baba care will cater for health services including expectant mothers and the elderly. Will equip health centers and introduce free health insurance scheme.” He said.

He said Social Protection Program for the poor to get 6,000 Kshs per month will be implemented.

“To the single mothers will get money to finance their families.” He said

He urged people to turn out 100 percent and vote for him and tasked the youths to carry the elderly to polling centres.

“For the men no sleeping from 6th to 9th no sex for those days they will celebrate after baba has won. Youths to spend at the polling station to ensure baba wins, ” he said

Governor John Lonyangapuo praised the locals for turning up in large numbers to receive Raila adding that the Pokot community will vote for him.

He said Raila will liberate the country in insecurity, poor economy and under development.

He said Muruny Siyoi dam water project funds were siphoned and if Raila will be elected he will complete the project.

“We have qualified teachers but are unemployed; if we elect Raila we will not be under staffed. He insisted on the government to give the Pokot community a national code.” He said.

He castigated Ruto for giving an order of shoot to kill to the Pokot community citing that Ruto should not be elected because he spits venom fueling insecurity in the pastoral communities.

Junet Mohammed slammed Ruto for being in the government for ten years and he has not changed the Pokot community.

He alleged that Ruto siphoned Muruny Siyoi dam project and there is no need of voting him as the next President.

David Pkosing affirmed that Raila will be the next President of the Republic of Kenya assuring youths that they will get jobs in his government.

“The Pokot community needs a national code for direct employment. The tour to Tiaty constituency should bore East Pokot County in his government.” He said.

He added that the Pokot community needs a government university of its own adding that President Uhuru Kenyatta commenced a number of roads in the County and he needs to add them more.

Suleiman Shahbal Mombasa gubernatorial Candidate said Ruto didn’t work for Kenyans for ten years and he should be given pension money and go home.

Governor for Elgeyo Marakwet Alex Tolgos told the community to tell their neighbors in Marakwet to join them in voting for Raila as the President.

Sally Kosgey former Member of Parliament said she worked with Raila and she believes in his manifesto and urged women to vote him without any confusion.

Peter Kenneth said they are sure Raila will win in round one with majority of 220 members of Parliament.

He said Raila will implement all his promises to Kenyans but Ruto is after deceiving them.