Sango students embroiled in a land-grabbing saga

Students fear their education plans may be messed up
Students fear their education plans may be messed up

Learning activities were paralyzed for the better part of Monday after students and pupils of Sango secondary and primary schools in Tongaren constituency held protested against an individual who has allegedly grabbed the schools’ land. In an exclusive interview, the school PTA chairman James Lubisia said they were shocked that the individual decided to till the land belonging to the school and even vandalized a building currently being constructed by the CDF kitty right in the middle of the parcel of land.

He disclosed that the school which was opened fifty years ago is on a government’s PI plot and they acquired the necessary documents to ascertain the ownership. He said the individual forcefully drove to the school and tilled the land while armed in the middle of the night and it has shocked parents, who are seeking for intervention from the Ministry of Education and the area MP David Eseli Simiyu.

He expressed fears that the primary school which has over one thousand pupils and the secondary school with over four hundred students stand to lose if something is not done urgently. We have since established that the case has even been presented before a court, and the wait for judicial procedures are ongoing. However, the individual overlooked the court order that barred any activities on the highlighted parcel of land until the case is determined, with the parents saying he was in contempt of court.

Students at the recently established Sango secondary school are now a worried lot as their education access is put at risk if the matter will not be sorted out. Tongaren CDF official Edward Ngichabe who visited the school expressed his disappointment with the individual, wondering how his selfish interest could overshadow the issues affecting the community.