School board asked to support learning institutions

Mrs. Juanita Kadera- the new principal
Mrs. Juanita Kadera- the new principal

All schools countrywide both primary and secondary have new board members that are entitled to oversee the smooth running of schools for the next three years as stipulated in the education act where the chair of the board must have a degree as opposed to the past where parents would converge in schools and choose board members who worked for one year and it used to have political intrusion that affected education negatively.

However, these days board members are sieved with academic papers playing the major role in order to boost academic standards of schools across the entire country and nominations are done by the ministry and appointment letters given by the County Director of Education who then does induction for the new board members to know and understand their roles in schools they belong to.

While addressing the board meeting in Wabukhonyi Friends Secondary school in Ndivisi ward in Webuye East Constituency, the new principal Mrs. Juanita Kadera has asked the new board to work in harmony with other school stakeholders among them parents and school teacher’s leadership in order to improve the school performance which has not been good especially with regard to the 2021 results.

She said she is new and the only way for her to settle quickly and plan on improving academic standards is by cooperation she will get from the new board members, the teachers and the entire community promised her that they are ready to work with her for the better of learners.

“I have been sent here by my employers for only one mission and that is to teach and also provide leadership and so as we usher in new school board, we should be ready to work together for the bigger achievements to come and for it to be realized we must put our heads together and do the right things,” said Mrs. Kadera.

It should be noted that for many years the school has been taking students to universities but it missed in the 2021 KCSE and therefore collective responsibility should be done to take back the school to where it were.

Her sentiments were echoed by the board chairman Mr. Job Wafula Chelongo who asked parents to avoid taking politics in schools and give the teachers easy time to work adding that cheap politics has been some of the reasons why the school has underperformed and as the chair he will not condone such that will jeopardize the education of hundreds of students and appealed to some leaders from the community who have had such behavior to cease.

Chelongo also appealed to parents to pay fees for the their children on time so that  the school management can plan their daily programs well without interference and that will make sure that students are in class hence improving academic standards of the school.

Mr. Job Wafula Chelongo- school board chair.
Mr. Job Wafula Chelongo- school board chair.

The meeting was also attended by the Webuye East Sub County TSC officer Mrs. Sarah Shikanga who asked the teachers to work hard and  produce good results as the government has put enough money in the school in terms of infrastructure and therefore they have no reason for poor performance and  yet some other school of the same level like Bunang’eni Secondary and St. Paul’s Nzoia in Maraka ward are doing well.