Well wisher ‘lights’ Butere with free electricity

Tindi Mwale talking to West Fm about his projects in Butere.

Well wisher ‘lights’ Butere with free electricity

More than four thousand households in Butere Sub County will benefit with free electricity fixing from a well wisher Tindi Mwale who is a well known businessman.

Speaking to www.westfm.co.ke after launching the project officially by fixing electricity to twenty households, Mwale said this is the only way of developing Butere Sub County, which will uplift business economy in the area.

Tindi Mwale talking to West Fm about his projects in Butere.

He said having electricity all over Butere, will enable many investors from different parts of the country to come and invest hence creating jobs opportunity to the youth.

He further explained this will reduce cases of insecurity in the area.

“Today’s economy depends on electricity, and that’s why I have decided to connect electricity in the entire of Butere Sub County to uplift the living standards of our people.” Said Mr. Tindi mwale.

“Business people will have a good and conducive environment to carry their business because this will reduce insecurity in the area.”  He added.

Among the beneficiaries are churches and schools where he said this will enable students to have enough time to study.

A kenya power employee fixing electricity in Butere 

He assured Butere residents that this will help to boost the project of national government of supplying laptops to schools in the entire country.

“Our children will have enough time to study while in school and even at home. This will help them to study hard and pass their examination.” He noted.

“If we invest in academics of our children we are making their future to be bright hence making them to become good leaders of tomorrow.” He said.

He said he has also started construction of boreholes in the aim of providing cleaning water to all residents of Butere.