West Pokot Covid-19 infections surge as residents ignore infection prevention directives

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo

West Pokot County has began to record a surge in Coronavirus cases, as most of the residents have become reluctant to observe the Covid-19 infection prevention regulations.

West Pokot County recorded its first case towards the end of July but in the past two weeks the County has recorded more than 20 positive cases.

The worrying trends of County politicians attending public gatherings which attract large masses has left locals wondering if that might be the cause of soaring cases of Covid-19 in the County.

A number of government officials have been put on intensive care unit in different hospitals across the country as the County government now grapples to set up an operational ICU center at Kapenguria referral hospital.

Speaking at Chepareria, West Pokot County, Health CEC Jackson Yaralima said residents haven’t observed the directives.

“We have not been able to observe the Covid-19 regulations. People are mingling frequently without minding the presence of the virus. I urge police officers to help us enforce the wearing of masks,” he said.

He noted that schools are now open hence asked school heads to help learners in all learning institutions to wear masks and frequently wash their hands with water and soap.

He said the County is setting up ICU ward and the isolation centre at Aramaget which accommodates more than 300 patients is still in place.

Yaralima said some of the Coronavirus victims from the County have been admitted in ICU centers in other Counties.

He condemned politicians for not observing the Covid-19 regulations adding that they are the ones worsening the situation.

“If they don’t cease from political gatherings then we’ll record more cases. Everyone should wear masks and avoid blame games,” he said.

Director of public health Richard Kakuri said West Pokot County residents need to embark on frequent hand washing in order to reduce the virus spread.