Women urged to support fellow women candidates in 2022 elections

Penina Nandako, Matulo ward UDP aspirant
Penina Nandako, Matulo ward UDP aspirant

Women have been urged to rally behind their fellow women who have shown interest of vying for various seats in the forthcoming general election slated 9th August, 2022.

Addressing Matulo residents, Penina Nandako, Matulo ward UDP aspirant said in past elections women have had to throw in the towel in politics and 2022 is not an exception and it has attracted many women especially in Bungoma County where they are vying for different seats right from the ward seat but in most cases they are rarely supported by their fellow women something that has made most of them fail to attain their goals even as much as women form a very important base vote.

Mrs. Nandako says time has come for women to stand up and be counted by making sure that they vote for their fellow women and even convince men to vote for them too because they can give the best leadership just as men can do or even do it better.

“Many a time we have failed to reach our political destiny not because we can’t offer the best alternative leadership but because most of our own women don’t seem to believe in us and I am urging them to try us this time because we have our great leadership skills that befits any political office and we are up to the task and therefore I appeal to them to support us this time round and try our capability and I assure them we will deliver more in terms of development,” said Nandako.

She said it is easier winning men votes than women and said even women can try to stand with their own and be on the safe side of history.

She has however asked gubernatorial and Presidential candidates across Western region and the entire country to have women as their running mate to fulfill the two third gender rule that has been elusive for a long time.