Chief cautions parents on sending their children late on market centres

Chief Jackson Karakacha
Chief Jackson Karakacha

Due to insecurity and theft among the residents of Muungano sub-location Kiminini constituency, residents have been called upon to observe time and avoid night activities in order to allow security personnel to carry out their patrol.

Speaking to residents at Ingavi primary school, area sub chief Mr. Jackson Karakacha requested residents to avoid sending their children to the market center late at night by cautioning them over the dangers that are associated with late movements.

He called upon them to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or any unfamiliar people immediately via the emergency contacts he gave. Karakacha further called on residents to embrace agricultural activities instead of concentrating on alcohol and illegal brewing. He requested them to make use of the available group of loan lenders that will give them agricultural grants to boost farming in the area

Karakacha told them to strengthen unity by forming welfare groups. He further called on parents to support teachers by disciplining their children for better academic performance and attainment of basic societal norms.

“I urge you to act as role models by advising your children to be disciplined in schools for better academic performance and production of individuals of sound mind in the society”. He said

Chief Karakacha further cautioned them to warn their children from interfering with the Kenya Power and Lightening electrical lines.

By Andrew Fingili